KICKSTW has a competitive consignment rate in the industry!


17% of the sale or $25 AUD, whichever is greater.

To reward our loyal consignors, every 5 items sold through our consignment service, you will only be charged 10% consignment fee for the 6th item sold.

Bring your items into KICKSTW along with your I.D (i.e. driver’s license), or ship them to us. If you want to discuss pricing for our consignment program beforehand, feel free to contact us. (Please note, we can only discuss price on brand new items over email, all used items must be brought to store to discuss.)

Set a sale price you would like for us to sell your items with our experienced staff. If you are unaware of what the market value of your items are, our experienced staff can help you. we have a strong acknowledge of sneaker market and can always sell your items at the right price for you.

After inspection of your items, we will give you a copy of consignment contract for you to keep. If you are shipping the items down to us, A digital copy will be sent to you via email, and you are required to email us back with your agreement. Your items will then be added to our store’s inventory, and we will then add them for sale on our website, eBay,Instagram, other marketplace and in-store. We choose selected items to post on selected online media. We will try our best to sell your goods on the right platform while please note: it is not 100% guaranteed that your item will be posted on our website or Instagram.(Please note: we mark up the price by certain percentage online. For example 3-4% on our website, 13% on ebay …)

Once your items have sold, You will then receive the agreed percentage of the sale price via bank transfer. Please note:we will send you an email to inform you with sales status when your items are sold. Before we send you the funds, we must wait for the payment to clear within our account, this usually takes 1-5 business days. After this, our accountant will transfer the funds into your account, this then takes 1-3 business days to process. The whole process could take up to 8-10 business days. We will send you a seperate email when we release the funds to your account. We also offer store credit. Store credit can be issued to consignor as soon as sold items’ payment cleared on our end.

If you live outside of the area and are interested in our consignment program, please contact us


We offer cash for limited, hard-to-get sneakers and streetwear in Brand New and Good Pre-owned conditions.
If you want immediate cash for your items, we will purchase them from you with cash or check. However, the prices will be different compared to consignment prices.
Prices and purchases vary depending on condition of the items, the size, the current market value, and the rarity of the items.

If we cannot come into a mutual agreement for a BuyBack price, we will gladly help you sell your items with our consignment program.

If you live outside of the area and are interested in our BuyBack program, please contact us. We are PayPal ready. (Please note: We do not pay via bank transfer nor paypal gift unless you ship first, we will pay via these options after we receive the items.)